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Resiliency NOW!

Community Resiliency Model®


Empowering You to Restore Balance and Peace to Your Life.

FREE 60-Minute Training with Sabrina Roblin.

This 60-minute training introducing you to the

Community Resiliency Model (CRM) developed by Elaine Miller-Karas,

Founder of the Trauma Resource Institute 

empowers you to be resilient and at peace regardless of life's stresses.






Depressed ?

The current global situation of pandemic and quarantine has disrupted all our lives and put us on high alert.  We are at the effect of this crisis which is impacting our well-being and causing us to become more reactive.

Are you experiencing:
- Intensified fear, anxiety, and overwhelm
- Inability to show up fully in your leadership for yourself, family, work and community
- A shorter fuse leading to anger and aggression
- Fuzzy brain or lack of focus
- Disturbed sleep patterns – either too much or too little
- Fatigue
- Difficulty connecting in relationship


I want you to know that this research-proven training will help...

What you'll learn:

  • That your reactions are a natural biological response to the stress or trauma you are experiencing.


You'll receive tools that will bring you more:

  • Mental clarity for better decision-making

  • Effectiveness as a leader, manifesting your desired impact within your family, community and work

  • Connection in relationship

  • Ability to care for self and others

  • Well-being and Inner peace

I'm now offering this one-hour online introduction to the Resiliency NOW! Community Resiliency Model training at no cost during the quarantine, which will cover the basic neuro-science of resiliency, and three foundational skills of the model.

You will come away from this introductory training with the basic skills needed to bring more peace and resiliency into your life!

Are you ready to become more resilient and able to meet life from a place of peace and equanimity?
Join me online for your FREE 60 minute CRM training!
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"The human body has the inner capacity to heal and restore itself and has a wisdom that words cannot speak."

- Elaine Miller-Karas, Executive Director, Trauma Resource Institute

This training is from the Community Resiliency Model created by Elaine Miller-Karas, Founder of the Trauma Resource Institute of California. 


I was introduced to this model at a very difficult time in my life where I was overcome with stress and grief due to multiple losses and wasn’t able to move forward in my life.  Through applying the six wellness skills in the model, I shifted my experience to one of inner peace and resiliency, and started to enjoy and rebuild my life. I was so impressed that I became a certified trainer of the model in 2018 so I could teach the skills to others. These skills have been used in communities around the globe and are being incorporated into the Social, Emotional and Ethical Learning Project which was inspired by his holiness the Dalai Lama. I am using them daily during this pandemic situation and am staying present, focused and able to care for myself and others around me.

With this model, you don’t need to talk about what you’re feeling or why you are feeling it, just use the skills and you will start to feel the benefits right away.

About Sabrina

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I have been a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) since 2004. I’ve coached and trained individuals and groups in Canada, China, Denmark, France, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. I have studied cross-cultural wisdom, tools and practices since 1995 and blend that wisdom with practical skill and experience in my work as the time has come to integrate spiritual wisdom with our practical skill and experience to successfully navigate the next level of change and transformation that is required of us in our current times.

Your overall prosperity of body, mind and spirit is important to me. So after experiencing the power of it in my own life, in 2018 I became a certified trainer of the Community Resiliency Model created by the Trauma Resource Institute in California. I have been utilizing its six wellness skills with my clients and teaching it to others ever since.

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